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What's Wrong with the Fusion?

Compare Fusion Generations

Gen Years Complaints Score
Gen 2 2013–2017 506 35.42
Gen 1 2006–2012 1197 35.98

Worst Overall Complaints

Let's take a look at the wost overall Fusion complaints submitted to over the years.

The complaints are sorted by their relative PainRank™ – a score created by combining data about when the problem started, how much it costs to fix, and the overall pain rating submitted by owners.

Most Complained About Years

A quick look at the Fusion model years with the highest complaint volume. Clicking on the year will bring you to their problem pages on, or checkout the full list.

What's Your Problem?

Car problems are the worst, amirite? If you're having trouble with your Ford, help us keep the pressure on by adding a complaint to You can also signup for free vehicle email alerts that will notify you of new problems or upcoming recalls, sometimes months ahead of manufacturers.

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