Ford Isn’t Sold On This Whole “Takata Recall” Thing

Takata says there are 2.7 million Ford and Nissan vehicles that should be recalled because they contain dangerous airbags. Given their propensity to explode in people’s faces, it seems only logical to follow that advice.

Nissan’s on board, but Ford isn’t sold on the idea because the airbags contain a drying agent that’s supposed to protect the inflators.

Unlike the tens of millions of airbag inflators already recalled in millions of vehicles, the 2.7 million inflators have a drying agent (desiccant) called calcium sulfate used to protect the explosive chemical, ammonium nitrate, from moisture.

That’s all well and good, but here’s the thing – Takata believed the desiccant was going to keep the airbags safe but then they tested them. The result? Not so safe.

Takata says airbag inflators with calcium sulfate returned from the field have experienced no ruptures in ballistic tests, but some of the inflators did show a pattern of the ammonium nitrate losing density.

That lost density is a warning sign that these airbags could also experience inflator ruptures in the future.