Ford Creates Program to Fix Carbon Monoxide Leaks in Police Fleet

Ford Police Interceptor carbon monoxide leaks will be repaired by Ford in a special program created for Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles, including sedans and Explorer SUVs.

Hey, look who showed up! Nice of Ford to finally join the discussion.

Ford is limiting this program to the police fleet, because it believes the modifications made to these vehicles – for lights and special equipment – are causing the problems.

The repair program does not apply to non-police Explorers because owners of those vehicles report exhaust fumes entering the cabins, while Explorer Police Interceptor drivers report getting sick from carbon monoxide.

Since when are fumes entering the cabin are ok?

Internal combustion engines produce lots of carbon monoxide. If there’s a defect in the exhaust manifold or something wrong with the catalytic converter, it’s not likely CO is entering the cabin before it gets converted to something less toxic.