News About Ford Problems, Recalls, and Lawsuits

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      • Power steering is one of those things you don’t think about until it’s gone. And owners of Ford cars with electronic power assisted steering (EPAS) are thinking about it all the damn time, if yo...

      • Defective electronic throttle bodies (ETB) are causing Ford vehicles to suddenly decelerate and enter “limp home” mode, which is like trying to drive a snail through a molasses puddle.


    10. January

      • Takata. Recall.

        Two words that I’m tired of typing and you’re sick of hearing about. Yet here we are with another recall of 816,000 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles that have ticking t...

  3. 2016

    1. November

      • Here’s two things you never want to hear about your sunroof:

        The glass is too weak because of tempering issues The glass is too thin because of weight issues

        That combination i...

      • ‘Tis the season for holiday cookies, silent nights, a dashboard that stays lit like a Christmas tree, and frantically stepping on the gas pedal wondering why your SUV is no longer accelerating. ...

      • Each car has an EVAP system that traps fuel vapors before they escape the gas tank. Those vapors are stored in a charcoal canister and then, in certain situations, a purge valve opens and allows...

      • 2012–13 Ford Focus owners made enough noise about their unreliable doors to spark an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) back in January.

        The owne...

    2. October

      • Ford is doing its best to steer clear of an EPAS lawsuit, saying the plaintiff’s claims don’t merit class-action certification because the steering problems are too widespread to prove any “comm...

      • The 2015–16 Edge has been recalled because Ford gave 58 of you the wrong ABS software.

        “Ford says the recalled 2015-16 Ford Edge SUVs were brought in for service repairs and were loaded ...

      • “DOOR AJAR”

        When put together those two simple words strike fear into 2011–2013 Ford Edge owners. According to many, the dashboard warning light never shuts off. Never, ever.


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      • Ford’s PowerShift transmission is supposed to provide the fuel economy of a manual with the convenience of an automatic. But a lawsuit says it:

        “slips, bucks, kicks, jerks, gets hot, stu...

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      • Ford is also recalling 49,000 vehicles because the seat backs might have faulty welds where the recliner mechanism attaches to the seat frame. The concern here is the seats won’t hold in a crash...

      • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has closed their investigation into engine problems in the 2011-13 F-150 after Ford sent a technical service bulletin to dealers on how...

      • 435,000 Escape SUVs have a subframe that can rust and cause the lower control arm to break off. If your control arm is dragging on the ground, steering suddenly gets a lot more difficult – go fi...

    5. March

  6. 2013

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      • First, Ford said to stop driving your Escape until it could get repaired. Now they’re saying that “repair” probably didn’t work.

        _ Ford is recalling 9,500 Escapes because a previous reca...

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