Investigation Into the Non-Stop ‘Door Ajar’ Light in the Ford Edge


When put together those two simple words strike fear into 2011–2013 Ford Edge owners. According to many, the dashboard warning light never shuts off. Never, ever.

Yes, even when all the doors are closed.

Yes, even after the doors are double and triple checked.

Yes, even after the owner slams the dash out of frustration.

A Federal Investigation

Ford doesn’t think there’s enough complaints to warrant a recall, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is going to look at 1,560 complaints as part of an investigation.

You can help put pressure on Ford and NHTSA by [adding your complaint][3].

Other Ford Door Issues

Ford recently recalled 2.3 million vehicles for defective door latches that didn’t properly hold the door shut. That would be consistent with a warning light, eh? Unfortunately the Edge was not part of the recall.