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      • Ford has been sued for switching to a 2-piece lug nut design that features an aluminum cap. When exposed to the elements, the cap swells in the heat, cracks and delaminates, and corrodes from mo...

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      • Ford is also recalling 49,000 vehicles because the seat backs might have faulty welds where the recliner mechanism attaches to the seat frame. The concern here is the seats won’t hold in a crash...

      • 435,000 Escape SUVs have a subframe that can rust and cause the lower control arm to break off. If your control arm is dragging on the ground, steering suddenly gets a lot more difficult – go fi...

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      • First, Ford said to stop driving your Escape until it could get repaired. Now they’re saying that “repair” probably didn’t work.

        _ Ford is recalling 9,500 Escapes because a previous reca...

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