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  1. The Austin Texas police department is starting to put Ford Explorer Police Interceptors back into service after pulling all 397 off the streets earlier this year.

    An additional 42 used by other city departments were pulled as well. The issue is exposure to carbon monoxide. After multiple officers complained about feeling sick the department made a move to equip all the SUVs with carbon monoxide detectors. Multiple officers filed lawsuits against Ford. At least one officer says the exposure led to nerve damage. Yikes.…

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  2. Another day, another police officer accusing Ford of negligently poisoning them while on the job.

    Austin police officer Ryan Hancock says his symptoms (nausea, headaches and vision problems ) continued the next day and caused him to seek medical help. According to the lawsuit, tests conducted at the hospital showed his symptoms were from carbon monoxide poisoning. Furthermore, the plaintiff says his nervous system has been damaged by the fumes.

    Hancock is represented by Brian Chase, the same attorney repressing officer Zachary LaHood in another carbon monoxide lawsuit against the automaker.…

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  3. Ford Explorer Police Interceptor carbon monoxide problems have led to three police officers suing the automaker after they allegedly crashed their patrol vehicles.

    One of the officers is from Austin. The other suffered a dangerous crash after passing out in their patrol car.

    Ford has been working with police departments to inspect the SUVs and seal any spaces created when aftermarket police-related equipment was installed in the rear of the Explorers.

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  4. Ford Police Interceptor carbon monoxide leaks will be repaired by Ford in a special program created for Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles, including sedans and Explorer SUVs.

    Hey, look who showed up! Nice of Ford to finally join the discussion. Ford is limiting this program to the police fleet, because it believes the modifications made to these vehicles – for lights and special equipment – are causing the problems.

    The repair program does not apply to non-police Explorers because owners of those vehicles report exhaust fumes entering the cabins, while Explorer Police Interceptor drivers report getting sick from carbon monoxide.

    Since when are fumes entering the cabin are ok?…

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  5. A Texas police department has yanked 60 Ford Explorer police vehicles off the streets after carbon monoxide detectors activated in all 60 SUVs.

    This is the same department that installed CO detectors across its fleet a few months ago. I’m guessing they didn’t like the results.

    City officials are considering taking about 400 of the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor SUVs completely off the roads until someone can determine what is causing the problems.

    City officials want the SUVs off the road, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is in town investigating … so where the heck is Ford in all of this?

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  6. This ever-widening carbon monoxide problem is a potential disaster for Ford, one that they should plug up immediately.

    In April 2017, [an] officer was driving in Henderson, Louisiana, when she passed out and the Ford Explorer police SUV flipped over. Local media reports say the officer was taken to a hospital and tests confirmed she suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning … According to witnesses, the Explorer wasn't speeding and state authorities say there is no evidence alcohol played a part in the crash.

    Consumers are complaining of headaches, police departments are installing CO detectors across their Explorer fleets, and officers are passing out, flipping over, and landing in canals. This is as cringeworthy as it gets.

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  7. Exhaust odor complaints in the Ford Explorer continue to seep in.

    The Austin Police Department has announced they plan to install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in the 360 Explorers in their fleet. Police officials say recent reports suggest officers may be getting ill from carbon monoxide poisoning in the SUVs, a problem serious enough that a safety bulletin was released on February 27, 2017.

    The bulletin says two incidents have been reported within the Austin PD after an officer got lightheaded while driving the Explorer, and another report of a suspicious odor experienced by a sergeant driving an SUV.

    Nearly three years ago, a Florida resident sued Ford after feeling sick from exhaust fumes entering the cabin of her Explorer.

    The police department plans to use stickers that change color if CO is detected, costing about $50 per vehicle. Carbon monoxide detectors are often required by law in the home, are cars next?

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