Another Ford Throttle Body Lawsuit

Defective electronic throttle bodies (ETB) are causing Ford vehicles to suddenly decelerate and enter “limp home” mode, which is like trying to drive a snail through a molasses puddle.

A lawsuit that is seeking class-action certification wants Ford to fix their ETBs:

The plaintiff wants Ford to pay damages and equitable relief, fix all vehicles named in the lawsuit by replacing the electronic throttle bodies, inform consumers through advertising campaigns about the dangers of sudden unintended deceleration and educate consumers about their pre-purchase or pre-lease legal rights once all the facts are known.

In 2014, Ford issued a “customer satisfaction program” that has done little to, well … satisfy any customers. The lawsuit argues:

  1. The program doesn’t cover all affected vehicles.
  2. Because it’s not a recall, owners need to wait until their ETB fails before getting a replacement.
  3. ETB replacement parts are often on back-order
  4. Ford didn’t make any effort to inform consumers about the problem or the program.