Panoramic Sunroof Explosions Spark Lawsuit

Here’s two things you never want to hear about your sunroof:

  1. The glass is too weak because of tempering issues
  2. The glass is too thin because of weight issues

That combination is what’s causing Ford’s panoramic sunroofs to spontaneously explode according to a class-action lawsuit.

The lawsuit refers to over 80 complaints sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) across 16 different models with sudden holes in their roofs. According to most, Ford is refusing to fix shattered sunroofs under warranty.

Speaking of shattered, let’s talk about hopes for a minute. We recently learned the lawsuit was dropped without a settlement. But don’t cue up the sad trombone just yet. Help us keep the pressure on Ford by adding a complaint if you’ve had any sunroof problems.