Ford Tries to Steer Around EPAS Lawsuit

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Ford is doing its best to steer clear of an EPAS lawsuit, saying the plaintiff's claims don't merit class-action certification because the steering problems are too widespread to prove any "common defect." Nothing says confidence in your product like saying there's too many defects to prove one, singular defect.

"In addition to denying the electromechanical relays are defective, Ford says the claims should be dismissed because the alleged defects, if they exist, occurred during manufacturing at different times and with different models. Due to this, the plaintiffs cannot claim a "common defect" is associated with the Focus and Fusion cars."

The original lawsuit was filed two years ago by owners complaining about power steering issues in the 2012-14 Focus and 2010-14 Fusion.

For the record, this isn't the first time Ford has asked for a motion to dismiss a power steering class-action lawsuit. They were denied. Fingers crossed that happens again.

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