1995 Ford Explorer Recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued 12 official recalls for the 1995 Ford Explorer. Recalls don't cost anything to get fixed, but those free repairs may only be available for a limited time. If your vehicle is affected:

  1. Find your vehicle's identification number (VIN)
  2. Write down the recall's NHTSA ID and/or manufacturer's recall ID
  3. Call your local Ford service center as soon as possible
  1. 09V399000
  2. 09E025000
  3. 09E012000
  4. 06E026000
  5. 01X001000
  6. 00V402000
  7. 00T005000
  8. 99V310001
  9. 95I007000
  10. 95V052000
  11. 95V053000
  12. 95E006002

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